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The Pentacle Coalition is a coalition of seven villainous supergroups on the Infinity Server. Each group is archetype specific (except the Reserve). Members of the coalition are:

Brute Force (Brutes)
Total Domination (Dominators)
Absolute Corruption (Corruptors)
Masters of Malice (Masterminds)
Stalking in the Shadows (Stalkers)
Wolves and Widows (Arachnos Soldiers, Arachnos Widows)
Rogues and Renegades (Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrapers, Tankers, Peacebringers, Warshades)
Pentacle Reserve (All Archetypes)

To become a member of one of these groups, send a /tell to @Quasadu or look for us in the Livejournal global channel. All members have invite privileges. The only rule for membership is that your character must be of the appropriate AT for the group you join. We encourage members to play in SG mode as much as possible, but this is not strictly required.

Ok there is one other rule. Any character that hasn't logged in for over 365 days will be removed from the main groups. This rule does NOT currently apply to the Reserves. This is to keep the rosters open for new members.

Also, keep an eye out for the heroes. In an effort to oppose us they have formed the Pentagon coalition. You can learn more about them by asking in the Pentacle channel or going to coh_pentagon.