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Alpha Weekend!

As you should all know, this Sunday's normally scheduled event is going to be the Lady Grey Task Force. However, since we're looking to run Apex the following week, and since I have most of the weekend free, I'm going to be running some of the other Alpha-component Strike Forces this weekend in the hopes of helping folks get their Alpha ready for Apex (or to help folks just get to 50).

Here's the schedule I have in mind (all times are Eastern).

Saturday 1pm: Imperious Task Force
Saturday 3pm: Lord Recluse Strike Force

Sunday 1pm: Lady Grey Task Force
Sunday 3pm (or whenever LGTF finishes): Barracuda Strike Force

If there is interest, I might even run more than one of some of these. Infinity also runs Sunday night Mothership Raids, so I might put together a team for that - I think those start around 7pm but it's been a while since I've done one.

For the Saturday stuff, let me know if you're interested and if these times work for you. I just picked them to match Sunday's times, but they aren't set in stone.
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Pentacle Sundays: Looking ahead

Next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and I expect to have a few folks coming over, so Pentacle will not have an official meeting. That said, I may pop in sometime during the day to game for a little while.

The following Sunday, Feb 12, we will be doing the Lady Grey Strike Force. So if you are not yet level 45 or above, you have two weeks to get there.

The Sunday after that (Feb 19) we have Apex as the Weekly Strike Target. So we will be doing that. If your current character is not able to get Alpha slotted by then (which is likely for a lot of us, I know) please be ready to switch to something that is.

February's meeting place is the Brute Force base.

In the coming weeks leading up to Issue 22 we will continue to do level 50 Strike Forces (and weekly strike targets) to work on Alpha slotting. Once Issue 22 arrives, we will begin the Dark Astoria story arc content.

Once we have finished Dark Astoria, we will start fresh with new characters only after Staff Fighting has been released. Until then we will continue with various level 50 content.
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Watch More Television

This Sunday we will be participating in the healthy, productive activity of watching Television.

Before you watch Television, make sure you get your Master of the Airwaves badge from atop Lord Recluse's tall tower. You will also want to make sure you have reached level 45 or higher before watching Television.

We will meet in the Total Domination base, where we will form groups to enjoy Television together - remember to tune in early at 12:45/11:45 central!

See you there, after a word from our sponsors!
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Rogues Thurs 1/26

So, I'm pretty much ready to take Dark-stream Hero for the badges.

Can I propose this Rogues Thursday we do a Master of 5th Column attempt? I know Patrick won't be around but I'm pretty sure he has the Master badge on Flash Fire Witch already.

I am totally shameless here. I want the badge. :P

As a note, I also need these badges which require a team or partner:

Germinator Terminator (Seed of Hamidon, First Ward)
Cleanser, Cadaver Counter and Hydra Stomper from the Death from Below trial.
Lanista/Grand Lanista (gladiator fights)

Once hero I will open up the Cavern trial for us. I intend to stay Hero and Vigilante only a short time so I'm not stuck on blue side and its too bright days, clean ideals and most importantly... without a base.
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No Rogues Tonight

Just a quick heads up that there won't be any official Pentacle Rogues session tonight - I'm working late and I don't know when I'll be home. If I do get home at a reasonable time (and I'm not too tired) I'll hop on and see who's around. But otherwise, I'll see you next week. Also remember there is no official Pentacle Sunday this week either. Next week will be ITF, so level up and get Cimerora unlocked if you haven't!
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Pentacle on Holiday!

Hi folks! Since the next two Sundays in a row are major holidays, the next official Pentacle Sunday will be held on January 8th.

January's assembly location will be the Total Domination base.

Since we don't yet know what the weekly strike target will be, I will hold off on making a decision about our activities for that day. However, I'd like to ask everyone who may have lower level characters that are behind the main group to make an effort to get to level 40 by then. If you can't do it, that's ok - I realize that this is a busy time for a lot of people. But if you have time, it's a good opportunity to get caught up.

Happy holidays, everyone, and I look forward to the start of yet another year of Pentacle action. See you soon!
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Pentacle Sunday reminders and such

Hi all, this is Liz or as you have seen me lately on Sundays, OVER 9000. I want to address some issues that have come up often in the past few months.

Sunday Session times:
Play sessions start at 1pm E/10am P

This is really the most important issue as it affects all the others.

Lately we've had a fairly regular crop of players showing up at or after 1pm E/10am P. You should be in the designated base 10-15 minutes before go time so we can set leaders, sort the teams and get rolling in the sweet, sweet Pentacle action right on the hour. If you're rolling in on the hour, you're late!

If you want to do maintenance before go time, make sure you're on early enough to take care of market/crafting/etc and still be in the base 10-15mins before the hour.

We're sympathetic to being late occasionally; for whatever reason, you get delayed and arrive late. It happens. But otherwise, keep in mind if you don't show up in the base 10-15mins before go time you will not be guaranteed a team.

What base?
Checking the Sunday Schedule tag on the community side bar will let you know where we're meeting each month. Though I believe we'll continue to meet in Brute Force until DANGER ROOM is addressed.

If you're on vent you should be getting a message pop up that lets you know what base we're meeting in and often the day's plan. If you don't get the message, check your options.

What toon to bring?
Whichever one you most want to play! Most of the time we have a great mix of ATs and Powersets show up so making balanced teams is no issue. Most of the time we're working with a group to 50, so you'll see the many of the same toons show up regularly until then.

If it happens that level is an issue or we're in need of another type of toon we'll address that when building teams.

What are we doing today?
If the majority of the group is of appropriate level for the WST you can usually expect we'll be doing that. Otherwise it's difficult to predict the plans week to week, but we'll always try to include everyone who shows up on time.

As always, if you have any questions or what have you, feel free to ask.
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IMPORTANT! Base change today!

For today only we will be changing the meeting location to the Brute Force base. The Masters of Malice base has defenses that are deadly right now.

Hopefully this will be fixed next week and we can go back tot he normal schedule.

The plan today is to run the Silver Mantis Strike Force (level 20-25+)