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Welcome to the Pentacle Coalition!

Welcome to the Pentacle Coalition, the Infinity server's most sinister collection of super villains. Our numbers and our strength grow with every passing moment, so your choices are simple. Join us, serve us, or be crushed.

What is the Pentacle Coalition?

The Pentacle Coalition is a collection of five six eight villainous supergroups on the Infinity server. Each group is archetype-specific. The groups and their leaders are:

  • Brute Force - Brutes only. Overlord: Black n' Blue Sue (@Quasadu)

  • Total Domination - Dominators only. Overlord: Mente do Inverno (@Quasadu)

  • Absolute Corruption - Corruptors only. Overlord: Rankle (@Quasadu)

  • Masters of Malice - Masterminds only. Overlord: Programmer (@Quasadu)

  • Stalking in the Shadows - Stalkers only. Overlord: Sinister Shade (@Quasadu)

  • Wolves and Widows - Soldiers of Arachnos only. Overlord: Night Widow Nerezza (@Quasadu)

  • Rogues and Renegades - Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrapers, Peacebringers, Warshades. Overlord: Avida (@Quasadu)
  • Pentacle Reserves - All Archetypes. Overlord: Sonic Yogurt (@Quasadu)

Who can join? Do I have to be a LiveJournal user?

Anyone can join, as long as their villain is the correct AT for the group they wish to join. You don't have to be a LiveJournal user, but LJ users do get a jump on everyone else. If you are already an LJ user when you join the coalition, you will be immediately promoted to Enforcer (see below). Non LJers will be Flunkies until they've been around a while.

What are the requirements for membership?

The only strict requirement is that your villain be of the appropriate AT for his or her supergroup. E.g. If your toon is a brute, you should join Brute Force.

Alternate characters are welcome. You can have one in each of the six groups, more than one in a single group, or whatever you want. Just as long as the AT's are all where they belong.

We encourage you to log on often and join us in villainy, but we are sensitive toward sufferers of Altitis and Real-Lifeism. Do be aware, however, that alts who have not been played in over 365 days may be dropped to make room for new members. If this happens to your toon, you are always welcome to rejoin when you next log in.

We encourage you to add your less frequently played villains to the Pentacle Reserve group. There is currently no plans to kick members due to logon frequency from this group.

We encourage you to run in SuperGroup mode to gain prestige for base building, especially before level 25 when there is no infamy penalty, but this is not a strict requirement.

Who's in charge? How do SG Ranks work?

The founder of the Coalition is Black n' Blue Sue (played by @Quasadu) and she (he) is the Overlord of Brute Force and the Pentacle Coalition. Each group has its own Overlords, listed above (all played by @Quasadu).

The official Pentacle base architect is @Penguina - with the exception of the Brute Force base, which is designed by @Quasadu.

There isn't a great deal of structure to the ranking system within the groups. Promotions are given entirely at the discretion of Overlords and high ranking SG members.

All coalition members have the ability to invite new members and to use base storage.

That's it. If you have a problem with the way promotions are handled in the group, you can bring it up with @Quasadu, but do not expect this policy to change because it's not fair. The policy was not meant to be fair, and it probably never will be. Making a fair policy is a pain in the neck and no matter how fair we make it someone will feel left out. So if you are not happy with this policy, a different SG with a more structured system may be more appropriate for you.

How do I join? How do I stay in touch?

Simply look for one of our members to invite you. All our members have the ability to invite you. Just make sure you find one in the correct group for your villain.

  • Look for us in the LiveJournal global chat channel in-game.

  • Post a comment on this journal entry and try to set up a meeting.

  • Send a /tell to @Quasadu, @Penguina, or @Liz.

  • Watch this community (cov_pentacle) for Coalition events and information.

Is there a heroic version of this Coalition?

There is. It's called the Pentagon Coalition and it's found on the Pinnacle server (there is a legacy Pentagon group on Infinity as well). Pentagon also uses the LiveJournal global chat channel. The Pentagon LJ community can be found at coh_pentagon.

Wait, that's it? What about....?

If there's a question you don't see answered here, post it in a comment and I will add it to the list.

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