BA (bigangry) wrote in cov_pentacle,

FINAL Pentacle Sunday

Hey everyone. Liz won't be here for today's Pentacloids, so I'll be taking care of leading today. We're in Rogues and Renegades for the final meeting, and we'll see what we'll be up to when everyone gets there. We generally have enough for one team, or two small ones, so let's all plan on getting there BEFORE 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT. I'll probably say we'll be running tips until about 10:15-ish just so we can absorb anyone who comes after the start time but before then.

We'll be meeting on Linenoise's vent server, if you can make it. Ask @BigAngry in game if you don't have the server information.

I want to thank you all, past and present, old and new, for helping tear down the forces of good over the years. Pentacle Sundays have been one of the brightest points I've had in the game, and everyone that's been a part of it has made it amazingly fun. I'm sure Quas, Liz, Peng, Line, Patrick and all the rest agree.

Thank you.

Keep your ear to the ground for further updates about possible sales of the IP, Project Z, and other things at the Titan forums: COH Titan

Check out the COH community, city_of_heroes, for information on OUR friends, adopted families, and our community at large, and what we'll be up to post-sunset.

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