Liz (syrusb) wrote in cov_pentacle,

Pentacle Sundays, reminder

Hey all, we've been slipping lately, myself included. I know things come up, emergencies happen.

So I want to remind you start time is 1pm E/10a P, but you need to arrive 10-15mins before that so teams can be sorted once an activity is picked. That way we can jump into action right at 1pm E.

If you're ever unsure of which base we're in, check the Sunday Schedule tag here in the community. We'll always try for an activity that suits the average level of the current group. You can always switch if your toon doesn't qualify. I like to wait to give out the plan until most of the league has arrived to reduce repetition in instruction.

And thank you to those of you who consistently log in early.

Since most of us are 35+ next week we'll begin patron arcs.
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