quasadu (quasadu) wrote in cov_pentacle,

Upcoming Pentacle Activities

Hey folks,

Sorry for the lack of updates (and my absence on Sundays) the past few weeks - real life has been intruding a lot. I do plan to be in game this Sunday for normal action.

This weekend, by request, I plan to host a Rikti Mothership Raid.

We will meet as normal, in the Pentacle Reserve base at 12:45pm Eastern. (I recommend entering the base from the RWZ, since this base has no teleport pads). From there we will head to the RWZ and gather at Point du Hoc and spend a short time recruiting before we start killing pylons.

If there's time after the raid we might take a crack at BAF and/or Lambda if folks are up for that.

Never mind. I just found out that is what you guys did last week so we'll just do whatever the WST is.

The rest of April, our plans will depend on the devs.

Sometime this month, Staff Fighting will be released (this was confirmed by Zwillinger - for anyone who did not see the comments on the last post, the December thing was a joke).

The Sunday AFTER Staff Fighting is released, we will start fresh with new villains. Until then, it is safe to assume we will do the Weekly Strike Target unless I post otherwise.
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