quasadu (quasadu) wrote in cov_pentacle,

Pentacle Sundays Incarnate

Here's your Pentacle Sunday Schedule for March, 2012:

Meeting place: Rogues and Renegades base
Meeting time: As always, 12:45pm Eastern to form teams, play starting at 1pm.
NOTE: Issue 22 goes live March 6th

Sunday, March 4
Lord Recluse's Strike Force.

Sunday, March 11
Dark Astoria Story Arcs

Sunday, March 18
It's Double XP Weekend! We'll take a break from the 50's for a while and come up with some other fun activity for rapid leveling.

Edit: They've changed the WST so that it's going to be Operative Renault's Strike Force, so that is what we'll be doing.

Sunday, March 25
I will be out of town. You guys should continue the Dark Astoria Story arcs without me. I will catch up when I can.
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